What do I need to get started with developing?

By this time you have already created a username and password. The next step would be to choose your development language. View the documentation and sample code. Then test your code using the Explorers under the Helpful Tools section. When you are ready to deploy your code you will need to contact a sales representative to enroll you into the iabol platform.

How do I deploy my code?

In order to deploy your code you need to gain access to our CTE (Customer Testing Environment) before going live. The fastest way to subscribe is to contact a sales representative. Please call toll free 1(877)847-2265 or +1(678)494-3172 or email sales@iabol.com

How do I get help?

There are several ways to get your questions answered. First look over the troubleshooting and forum pages for common questions. If you still have not found a solution then please contact api@iabol.com for a specialist to assist you.

What is the integration process?

All testing must first be completed within CTE before moving into production. Our CTE environment is an iabol test environment which is devoid of any customer specific setup (i.e. carrier account setup, ship from address, etc.). When we provide you with the production account, this will be properly configured for your account.
Once the integration is setup on your side, shipping labels will need to be provided to ABOL for every service that will be used. On CTE all services are enabled, but the production environment will be configured for only those services that have been approved. At that point, we will confirm that the entire workflow has been addressed – this includes processing, label generation, voiding and manifesting. Once this is completed, then the transition to production can begin. Along with updating the reference to the production web service, the production authentication details will change (login name, password and activation key).
Please review the documentation and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. To ensure that the CTE environment has been configured for your services, can you please confirm which service code you would like to obtain certification with? The document outlines the service names and codes for your reference. Also, so we may understand how you intend to integrate with us can you please advise if you will be using SOAP or XML and what language you will be coding in.

How do I access the Customer Testing Environment (CTE)?

For your initial integration and testing, you will need access to our Customer Testing Environment (CTE).
Please contact sales@iabol.com to establish your account.

I’m working with the iabol CTE environment, but not all the Services I plan to use are available?

The iabol CTE environment has not been configured for all the Services that ABOL Software support. If there is a specific Service you plan to use, please contact ABOL Software at api@iabol.com, and ask for the Service to be configured into the CTE environment.

Once I’ve completed the integration work and completed my testing in CTE, what’s the next step?

Once you have completed your testing and, are ready to start generating shipments in the production environment, you must contact the iabol API team, providing a sample label for each of the services you plan to use. And, confirm you have a method to ‘Void Shipment’ and ‘Manifest Shipment’. Your labels will be verified, and if successful, you will be provided with your production credentials and activation key. On receipt of these, you must update your solution to use the production iabol URL, credentials and activation key.

Can I use my existing carrier account number?

ABOL can activate the system with your existing carrier account number; or work with you and a carrier representative to get you shipping as quickly as possible.

Can I use multiple carrier accounts?

Yes you can use an unlimited number of accounts with your carriers. Simply input each one under the appropriate carrier. The System Administrator can establish user rules for access to specific account numbers.

Does your API have a method for validating account numbers for various carriers?

For example, I would like to setup a shipment and receive a shipping label for a shipment from my location to a customer’s location using the customer’s account number. However, before I waive the shipping charge to the customer (because the customer is using their account number), I would like to know if their account number is valid/active?

This functionality is referred to as Bill Third Party. This allow for a default account to be established and the ability to overwrite / replace the billing account with that of the customer’s. This functionality is available within iabol and can be used by passing a few additional fields within the API request. Please note that while this functionality is available, not all carriers support this option.

Can I use my custom carrier rates and service fees?

Yes.You can import all of your negotiated carrier rates and service fees for all of your carriers.

Requirements for FedEx Shipping (from US) into Canada?

FedEx requires that the duty payment type is updated. This is associated to the value passed within the request for DutyBillType.
Therefore, you will need to (1) remove the INTL_DutiesTaxAccountNbr and (2) add DutyBillType.
The options for DutyBillType are:
102 – Bill sender.
103 – Bill recipient.
104 – Bill third party.
105 – Transport collect.

Can you track without having shipments is iabol?

Yes, all you need is to set a carrier service.

I’m getting Error – Invalid ExportLineItem unit price and quantity.

The error message “Invalid ExportLineItem unit price and quantity” is usually caused by the Price and/or the Quantity within “ExportLineItem” not being numeric or being left blank.

FedEx Bill 3rd Party.

The following are the fields that must be passed for the FedEx bill third party option:
Within the ShipmentSIO the following fields need to be passed:
BillAccountNbr – Contains the FedEx account number. If not passed the default setup on the iabol account will be used.
BillType – 104 will be specified for Bill Third Party account number. The account number is determined by the value passed within the field above.

What is the minimum XML length that should be handled within the API response?

While the length of the XML response will vary depending upon the service that is being processed; the minimum XML length that should be handled is 24,000 characters.

What is returned within DocumentSIO nodes within the shipment response?

The DocumentSIO will only be used when a PDF is provided for the customs clearance documents. If the customs clearance documents is in the same format (i.e. EPL, PNG or ZPL) as the label type then this will be returned within the base64labelstring.

What is a Web Service?

For the best explanation please refer to the following links. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_Services and http://www.xml.com/pub/a/ws/2001/04/04/webservices/index.html?page=3

Does the ‘CalculateRatesAndTransitTimes’ API method process return the distance

between the dispatch address and the destination address?
Currently, the ‘CalculateRatesAndTransitTimes’ API returns an expected delivery date along with the rates for the selected service or carrier. The actual distance between the origin and destination is not available.

When creating a Shipment request, are the Shipment / Parcel dimensions required?

The Shipment /Parcel dimensions are not required. However, if they are provided then they will be validated.

When I print a label, the orientation is incorrect (label prints sideways!)?

The orientation of the label can be modified within the shipment request, with the attribute . The value provided within that node will then determine orientation of the label. The default position is 0, with valid rotation values of 90, 180 and 270.

When I submit a shipment request for an Endicia service, the process hangs / pauses for 30 – 40 seconds and then returns and empty response?

To generate an Endica shipment, iabol calls out to the Endicia web services for processing and label generation. The iabol application an response time is dependent upon this connection. The maybe a number of reasons the request is not returned correctly. If you experience this issue, please contact ABOL Software at api@iabol.com.

I’m receiving an error when creating a FedEx Shipment from the US to Canada. I’m using the FedEx Ground Service?

The FedEx Ground Service (Service Code 2101) is a domestic service within the US. Please us the FedEx International Ground Service (Service Code 2307.)

Where can I view the iabol WSDL?

The iabol WSDL can be located at https://api.iabol.com/apiv2/iabolsio.asmx?wsdl

I’m using the iabol Tracking API, and noticed an inconsistency in the date stamp of the tracking event?

If you are shipping internationally from the US, you will see tracking statuses for ‘Shipments Tendered’ and ‘Shipments Picked-Up’ with an EST time stamp. The additional events will be time stamped with the local time from the carrier. (If you are shipping into Australia, the time stamp will be local time in Australia.

We have encountered an error message when processing International DHL packages. The message is “Invalid ExportLineItem’ unit price and quantity?

The error message “Invalid ExportLineItem unit price and quantity” is caused by the Price and/or the Quantity within “ExportLineItem” not being numeric or being left blank, please ensure valid numeric values have been presented.

When I create Shipments in the iabol CTE environment, can I view the Shipments I have created?

The iabol CTE environment is a generic testing environment for all our customers, it does not have an underlying web interface.

We are experiencing issues creating FedEx shipments. We are based and ship from Alaska, mainly to the US?

Not all the FedEx services are available to non-contiguous US states.

We receive error when processing a FedEx Ground shipment. The error indicates there is an issue with the entered ‘Package Type’?

FedEx have place restrictions on the package types allowed for the FedEx Ground service.
The package types that are available are:
- 100 – Not Specified
- 101 – Unknown / Other Package
- 105 – Customer Supplied Packaging
- 107 – Non Standard Container
- 108 – Larger Package

When I submit an API request, how are the addresses verified?

The validation does depend on the country you are shipping from. If you are creating and processing a shipment from the US, the iabol API will verify the State and Zip Code. If they are incorrect, you will receive an error in your API response.

At what point does the carrier bill me for the shipment?

The point at which a carrier bills for the shipment varies from carrier to carrier, some charge at the point ‘Shipment Manifest’, others at ‘First Scan’.

I have just tried to create my first shipment in production, but received an error “Account setup is missing for the selected carrier.”?

You must ensure the carriers and services you wish to use for shipping are defined in your iabol account before you can create shipments.

We are extending the number of carrier our business use. What must I do to extend my integration functionality to include the additional carriers?

It is advisable to configure and test the additional carriers and services in the iabol CTE. Once complete, tested and verified by ABOL Software, add in and configure the additional carriers and services within your iabol account.

Even though the shipment order number is displayed on the label, I would like to display a secondary reference number. Is this possible?

Iabol provide a number of free format reference fields which can be used to display additional references and details.

When I run the ‘End-of-Day’ process, the Manifest I receive is in PDF format. Can I select the format of the Manifest?

By default the manifest is created as a PDF document. We can provide the Manifest in different formats (i.e. Excel). However, this would be a modification to your account and would incur a cost.

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