ABOL Software is proud to announce the availability of Globegistics as a carrier on the iabol.com platform. Customers can now process domestic and international Globegistics shipments with compliant labels and customs documentation via the iabol API at no cost. Click here to sign up!

Globegistics, Inc., is a full-service global distribution provider for large volume mailers and eRetailer companies offering world-class solutions for the delivery of mail, publications and parcels to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

International eCommerce is growing rapidly. However, shipping goods across borders can be complex and costly if you don’t have the right partner. You need a reliable, logistical solution that provides online tracking, postage savings—and the flexibility to choose the service option that fits your needs.

International Shipping

A leader in international shipping for 35 years, Globegistics can save you money with service to key markets and trade destinations. Our eCom Services provide a seamless way to ship parcels around the world, so you can navigate foreign postal streams with ease.

Fully integrated with the iabol API

Easy and efficient API to process all Globegistics domestic and international shipments. Add shipping functionality to your eCommerce store and easily produce compliant labels.

Expert, hassle-free preparation

Thanks to our integrated and strategic shipping software partnerships, you can quickly and easily produce the correct address format with a compliant label for every shipment. Our eCom Specialists will train you to prepare an approved label utilizing our preferred shipping partners.

Lower costs on every package

Globegistics is a worldwide shipping partner with multiple gateway induction points, all strategically located to major international airports. When your packages arrive at our facility, we’ll scan, weigh and sort by country for every parcel. We will then create electronic data for customs clearance and worldwide routing. Your packets and parcels will be processed and tendered into our preferred parcel clearance and distribution network.

Detailed package tracking

When shipping internationally, you want to know where your parcel is at all times. Our innovative GlobeTrak system keeps you informed every step of the way. Your first milestone tracking alert is generated upon completion of electronic transmission. Additional tracking alerts are triggered when parcels are scanned in
Globegistics facilities, the U.S. airport, customs clearance agent, in-country events and final delivery confirmation to the end customer.

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