Why choose iabol ?

Abol Software has been a trusted provider of logistics software for over 20 years. iabol is our web based shipping solution that uses our core shipping engine to provide an easily accessible and scalable system. We offer one centralized solutions for all of your shipping needs!

Product Classification

Accurately classify a product on-demand or through a bulk classification.

Rate Comparison

Whether it is the cheapest method or the fastest services, implement your “Best Way” shipping options through iabol. Determine transit times and cost by carrier or service level.Inform your customer of accurate rate quotes by integrating the rate calculation into your shopping cart or website.

Shipment Tracking

Providing you tracking visibility from the initial processing to the carrier delivery scan.

System Integration

iabol offers customizable integration options tailored for your company’s needed. Enhance your existing systems by using iabol API to offer more features and capabilities outlined on this page.

Calculate Duty

For international shipments, the shipment charges are sometimes only a portion of the total charge. Provide your customer and your company with a more complete shipping quote by calculating duties.

Scalable Solutions

Growing companies need solutions that will not leave them behind but instead lead them. iabol offer solutions for shippers that grow as shipments increase. No need to switch solutions when you outgrow your current requirements.

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