Get up and running quickly with these documents and downloads


Click the links below to view the sample code on how to use the iabol API. You may use this as reference material or use this as a starting point for your integration.

To aide with your development, we have added additional examples within the selected programming language for you to reference. Also, we have a Client Explorer tool that will dynamically build a request that you can submit directly to the API and view the response.

Once your development is complete, you will engage in a short certification process with Abol Software. While Abol Software is platform certified with most of the support carriers, we will need to ensure that your system outputs are valid. Generate 5 sample labels for each of the services you will be using and send them as high resolution scans to Abol Software. Client Explorer

After your certification is completed, you will be provided your production credentials and environment end points. You will then be able to begin processing your production shipments using the iabol API!

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